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January Book Review

My taste in books is almost as varied as my taste in music. As I type this, The Vitamin String Quartet Pandora station is playing on my phone. Tomorrow I might be in the mood for a little Pitbull or Zac Brown Band or Christy Nockels. Hopefully, that’s the sign of a well-rounded person and not some psychotic disorder.

This month’s books include 2 non-fictions and a NYT Bestseller and one that falls in the category of what I call “fluff fiction.” Fluff Fiction has no purpose in life except to entertain me on my lunch hours in Panera. These are usually free on Amazon, can be read in a couple of hours, and the ending can be determined after about Chapter 3. I also had 3 that I started and didn’t finish. Sometimes I’m a hard sell with my time when I’m not traveling.

Most people (my husband included) view time spent in the airport and on planes as wasted time. To me, this time is like a gift. The rest of the world is shut out, there’s limited options as to what I can do which allows me to just relax and enjoy a good book, guilt free. Airport time is also the finest and most entertaining people watching ever.

Lessons from Madame chic book reviewLessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris By Jennifer L Scott If you’re fascinated with Parisian or even Western Europe culture, you should read this book. Ms. Scott lived in Paris for 6 months as an exchange student and was a keen observer of the finer differences between American and French life. Lots of practical tips to live life better and more passionately, most of which are free! Her chapter on the ten-item wardrobe particularly intrigued me, but that’s a topic for another day.


The Nightingale book review

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah When I started this highly recommended tome, I thought “Oh no, not another story about World War II.” But, I was quickly drawn in to the tale of two sisters in wartime France and how they chose completely different paths to help the war effort yet both sacrificed greatly. By the time I was done, I was emotionally attached to these fictional characters – always a sign of great writing—and totally forgave the book for being set in the same time period as every other book written in the last 3 years (or so it seems).

For the Love Jen Hatmaker book reviewFor the Love by Jen Hatmaker A series of essays is the best way to describe this non-fiction book. Jen masterfully alternates chapters between “make anyone around you wonder why you’re laughing out loud about because it’s impossible to keep the hilarity inside” to “questioning your life and vowing to make some changes”. Her chapters on fashion and being over 40 are best read at home away from others in case you snort from laughing so hard. The chapters on raising Godly kids, marriage and the church are spot on and if I could high five Jen for her wise words, I would.

Me After You by Mindy Hayes This was free on Amazon and total fluff fiction. It’s a sweet romance but also a story of recovering from grief and finding the way to moving on. Note: if you have lost anyone in your life lately, you should skip right over this one. The emotional descriptions of processing grief are so vivid, I’m confident that the author has walked this road.

Titles I started and didn’t finish:

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot: I’ve never read any of the Princess Diaries books. This one was available to download at the library so I thought I’d give it a try. Nope. Not gonna happen. Definitely for its intended younger audience, but even with that consideration, it was dry and bang-your-head-on-the-table boring.

the last anniversary liane moriarty book review

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty: I read “The Husband’s Secret” previously and thought it was just ok. There were SO many characters and it took forever to connect their stories. The ending was also a little too neat and tidy for me, but everyone is raving about what a great author she is so I decided to give her another try. I had the same reaction with this title. I was halfway through when my library loan ended and I just didn’t care. If I’m not invested in your story after 150 pages, we can’t be friends. I seem to be the only person on the planet with this opinion of Ms. Moriarty’s writing so you may try it for yourself to see if you agree with me or the masses.

I regret nothing Jen Lancaster book review


I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster: Don’t get me wrong; this memoir is funny. But there was no point or plot or storyline. I probably should have finished it, but I was kind of like a kid in the toy store that saw something else shiny and wandered off to find something better, except instead of a toy, it was another book.

New Releases!

One of my favorite non-travel blogs (although she does have some travel articles) is Mix and Match Mama. Shay Shull, the author, has just released her first cookbooks and I can hardly wait to read them. I’m hoping to have my copies in my hands by tomorrow! Her recipes are super easy and super yummy.

Mix and Match mama meal planner

Mix and Match Meal Planner

Mix and Match cakes

Mix and Match Cakes

Feel free to share any book recommendations in the comments. I keep a running list of books to read on my phone and always love hearing other people’s favorite literary loves.

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